The 6th Onondaga Lake Peace Festival
A Gathering of Healers and Peacemakers
Heartbeat of the Mother
pathways to stewardship of the Earth
Sunday, October 11, 2009
Long Branch Park, Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool, New York
is a Sacred Lake

The Legend of
Onondaga Lake

In ancient time, a man in a white stone boat arrived at Onondaga Lake—a Messenger from Creator who traveled teaching people The Path of Peace.

At Onondaga Lake, Peacemaker had warriors “bury the hatchet," planted The Tree of Peace, united the Five Nations in a Confederacy, taught The Great Law of Peace, including The Seventh Generation instruction.
How We Pray for Peace
Water is Universal Solvent
Water is Womb of Life.
Water is 75% of Earth's surface.
We are 90% water.
So, we begin with what we are:
We pray for peace
by holding water in our hands.
We focus into the water
our energy, intention and intelligence for peace.
We collect prayer-energized water
to pour into Onondaga Lake.

Onondaga Lake Now
Today, Onondaga Lake
is America's most polluted lake.
Most of the lake bottom
is a Superfund site
due to methyl mercury, PCBs, sewage, and heavy metals.
Hazardous waste sites
sit around the valley,
and salt industry wastes
are piled on the shores.

In March 2005, Onondaga Nation
filed a land rights action
in U.S. District Court
to request complete cleanup
of Onondaga Lake
and healing of the land, people
and communities

Water Angel
in India
dowsing in the desert
February 2006

Jaipur Manifesto
World Council of Elders
of Ancient Traditions & Cultures


second gathering February 10, 2006

A Call to Prayer

The Festival's first purpose is

to call people to Onondaga Lake to pray for peace

Today, the need for peace on Earth is greater than ever.

Yet, peace seems ever elusive and impossible. Worldwide wars of terror between extreme religious and political fervors heighten tensions and deepen fear across America and around the Earth. Abuses by political, financial, military, and religious authority seem as uncontrolled and unrestrained as ever. Continued assault on the integrity and stability of Earth's living systems is near a "point of no return."

At the Festival, we create a Water Sanctuary in Long Branch Park, and hold full day of prayers, ceremonies and celebrations, ending with a Water Blessing Ceremony at the lakeshore. Anyone concerned to bring peace and healing to our planet is invited to participate.

Each year the Festival addresses a specific theme. 2009 will be

a gathering of healers and peacemakers
Speakers, prayers and performers are asked to focus their message on the people, principles and strategies to heal and birth of a new sustainable human social order.

2007 can follow the general pattern of previous years' programs, with prayers for peace at the top of each hour, followed by talks to punctuate music on the stage. Speakers, storytellers, dances, videos, and other activities will be around the north and west sides of the mound. Vendors will setup on the mound. Special areas will offer full programs on The Earth Charter and Healing. The day ends with a procession to the water to bless the Peace Pilgrims and pour prayer water into the lake.

* Beginning at the Opening Ceremony and throughout the Festival, each person is encouraged to offer a personal prayer for peace in the Water Prayer Sanctuary.
* The Festival ends with a Water Blessing ceremony at sunset on the lakeshore.

To help create the Festival, contact
David Yarrow

Tibetan Sand Mandala
May 1, 2005

International Peace Park
at Onondaga Lake

Love & Gratitude
to Water

Bald Eagle
visits Onondaga Lake

We are the spiritual energy
thousands of times stronger
than nuclear power.
Our energy is the combined will of all people with the
Spirit of the Natural World,
to be of one body,
one heart, one mind
for peace.

Leon Shenandoah
Onondaga Nation

Chief Jake Swamp
Mohawk Nation
Tree of Peace Society

letters to the editor
Our debt
to nature
Sid Hill
, tadodaho
Onondaga Nation

Elder Wisdom
Wangari Maathai
2004 Nobel Peace Prize

Abandon Apathy, Be Moved To Action
The Earth Charter in Action

Sunday, October 11, 2009